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Japan Quake.

Reblogged from abeis

I’ve been thinking a lot about the recent earthquakes in Japan. Incredibly tragic when you think about it as a whole and overwhelming when you think about the individual stories. But it’s been strange experiencing it from this side of the ocean. Here, we watch the devastation on the news and then flip the channel. There’s lots of good stuff on TV right now too. The NCAA tourney, Miami Heat players crying, Jersey Shore…I can’t imagine what the people of Japan are going through. I’ve replayed this Youtube clip probably 30 times. The water comes so suddenly. Swift. Destructive. Forceful. It’s surreal.

What’s going on with our planet? Are we in a new age? Not one defined by the internet, the iPad 2, social networks (although those are important things), but could we be in the age of an imploding Earth?