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Dick Sticks.

dick sticks

I would love to meet the person who designed this packaging. I wonder if his name is Richard something. Richard must either be a person who has a great sense of humor or someone who is oblivious to the euphemisms of the western world. Either way, I think the packaging is genius. I immediately smiled and chuckled when I saw these – didn’t convince me enough to buy one, but enough to peak my interest. Continue reading

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First post.

seoul subway

I had a dream about riding on the subway before arriving in Seoul. This picture reminded me of that dream. Riding on the subway will be a common, if not daily, ritual for me… and that will be new. Being in Korea is still a trip, and it will probably feel that way for a while. There are a lot of little differences: heated floors, separating perishables – recyclables – trash, non-Korean persons speaking fluent Korean, weird looking cars, the weather, and a bunch of other things. Still, I’m excited for new experiences and fresh perspectives. I look forward to the next stop on this ride.