Am I Too Much In My Head?


I’ve been neglecting this blog for quite some time now. I was hoping to make a post at least once a week, but I’ve been wasting time doing other… wasteful things. I guess even blogging could be considered a waste of time, but there is something about writing down your thoughts that is… refreshing. This picture about finding inspiration inspired me to start up this site again. According to Chuck Close, I am an amateur – at what? I’m not even sure. But instead of just thinking about writing a post, I decided to take the next 15 minutes of my life and make this post.
There is an endless stream of thoughts that have been drifting through my head. One of the most prevalent ruminations have been about work – what exactly is worth doing in my time? I have been thinking about investing in something I am completely unfamiliar with, something new and cool. I would like to be 100% certain that I will be content with whatever my decision will be. It’s not just with work either. I find myself thinking about exercising, or accomplishing x y and z. I make a list of things that I would like to do, or need to get done, but never really get to doing them until they have become unimportant. Sometimes you can be too much in your head. I think Chuck said it best, “just get up and go…”


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3 thoughts on “Am I Too Much In My Head?”

  1. hah I hopped on this site looking for something ‘inspirational’ …I like the idea of taking 15 minutes a day to blog…
    P.S.: did you know chuck close is paralyzed from the neck down? he paints with a brush taped to his hand…pretty crazy stuff.

    1. Oh man. I haven’t updated this site in a long while. Thanks for visiting. I have lots to blog about. Maybe I’ll start it up again. I, too, need some inspiration. Share whatever you come across. Hope alls well Ana!

  2. Hey old friend, I came across your blog as I was on your fb. I love reading your thoughts and lessons. I wish I knew you were living in Seoul, I visited in 2014 and totally would’ve came to bug you. Your blog inspired me to write again. It’s been months for me, but your courage to write for the next fifteen minutes made me remember how therapeutic writing is for me. So thank you. Anyway, hope you are well and living the most out of life. Would love to catch up. You look great, general.

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