Carpe Vita Before You Die.

You know how some days you awake from a pleasant dream and you feel like you can do almost anything even before your morning routine begins? Where you feel capable of being the best version of yourself, you’re eager for how the universe will unfold, hopeful that today will be a day that will be engraved into your memory for the rest of your life. Those are the days where I love to excel, when my perspective on all the trivial little nothings in my life become like a dream I had the night before – recently forgotten. Where do these days come from and where do they go?
Most days I have to remind myself that these next ~16 hours will never happen again (16 hours, because I’m usually asleep for 8). TODAY WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN AGAIN! For so many people, each day is the same as any other, a mere existence in an encased aquarium that is life. Some people are content with that, others may not be – but are stuck with the life they find themselves living. And then there are those who somehow find themselves seizing life (carpe vita), thriving in the vast ocean of absolute existence. I am any of these at any given day – I wish the latter could be everyday for the rest of my life, but… such is life.

Anyways, here’s a clip of some fresh seafood in Busan! Aquarium >> cutting board >> our table frying pan >> to my stomach >> out my stomach >> then…??? Who knows where. Now that’s fresh! Yum!


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