Technology Loves Us.

nool old telephone

Isn’t it remarkable how much technology has progressed over the recent decades? I remember someone saying that the internet is both a time machine and a portal to a new dimension – and if you stop and think about it for a second, it really is. I’m not sure how old this phone is, but I took a picture of it using an iPhone with a pretty nifty photo app – old technology with new technology.
I remember when I first got to Korea, my cousin was gracious enough to give me his old pre-paid phone to use, however, I found myself feeling withdrawn from my smartphone; not only did I desire the nool-est smartphone, but it felt like I actually needed to get it. At any given time in Seoul, you will find people engrossed with their phones. I constantly find myself observing and people watching, and it’s interesting how much time people are actually connected to their phones or tablets. I suppose it’s not natural to engage with strangers while they’re headed to wherever they’re headed to, and I guess there are a lot of things you can do with your phone to pass the time. It just makes me wonder if being constantly connected to technology is becoming a natural way of life for us. And by us, I mean a small, but growing, percentage of the human population, and if you’re reading this post on a computer or even your smartphone, then I’m probably talking about you too. I think I can honestly say that I “need” technology. It’s a disconcerting thought, and you may not feel the same way. But think about the times when you leave your phone at home, or when your internet/cable connection is not working. Isn’t there a physical reaction that you experience when that connection isn’t there?
I do feel more capable, efficient, and “smarter” with my phone, but I wonder if this attachment with technology has made me… better. What’s my point? I don’t have a point. Someone asked me to post up more pictures, and I just wanted to write a bunch of words below it.


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