Dick Sticks.

dick sticks

I would love to meet the person who designed this packaging. I wonder if his name is Richard something. Richard must either be a person who has a great sense of humor or someone who is oblivious to the euphemisms of the western world. Either way, I think the packaging is genius. I immediately smiled and chuckled when I saw these – didn’t convince me enough to buy one, but enough to peak my interest.

One observation I’ve had while riding the subway is that people don’t really smile or laugh, or even talk for that matter while they’re on the train. I suppose it’s not normal to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger standing 6 inches from your face with your armpit right in front of their face or shoulder. And I’m sure a majority of the people are tired from work, the weather, life’s stresses, or all of the above. But still, I wish I could give them a dick stick (no perverted meaning intended) or a dose of happiness to make them smile or laugh out loud. I know that I don’t really laugh as much as I should, but I’ve been trying to smile a lot more – a genuine smile, not one of my fake smiles. I could go for one of those belly-busting laugh sessions that last for a good 5 minutes right now, and one of these bulgogi dick sticks sound pretty good too.


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